The Great American Trucking Show

August 24-26, 2017

Dallas, TX

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Discovery Pavilion

Discovery Pavilion

The Great American Trucking Show is more than a trade show, it’s an avenue to discover the trucking industry!

Our Discovery Pavilion will offer attendees the chance to test products in an interactive environment and learn how products and equipment will work in specific applications. Individual booth information can be found below. Check back as we add more booths! 



OnCommand® Connection is a cutting edge division leading the charge within Navistar to bring to market the most comprehensive portfolio of connected vehicle services in the industry. OnCommand Connection products are open-platform, agile, easy to use, easy to install, and built to keep drivers and vehicles on the road and the back office informed of all aspects of the vehicle, driver, route, and maintenance. Come by our booth and let us show you how we can help your business. You can also learn more about OnCommand Connection at


Stertil-Koni will be providing continuous live demonstrations of the latest in vehicle lift technology - The Stertil-Koni ebright Mobile Column Vehicle Lift System. The ebright Smart Control System offers fully synchronized lifting via touch screens on each individual column. The system can include anywhere from 1 to 32 networked columns with capacities ranging from 14,000 lbs. per column up to 40,000 lbs. per column.
Specific Equipment on Display: ST 1085-FWA Mobile Column Lifts, 401-Transmission Jack and JS-H8 Axle Stands

People to meet in our booth: Stertil-Koni’s VP of Sales, Rawn Roman, and other key industry leaders and experts.


More information coming soon!


More information coming soon!


Support Resources, Inc. , an IT development corporation established in 1986, presents the Load Logistics TMS software suite which includes FMCSA compliant ELD applications along with a myriad of fleet management software modules.

Visit us at booth #38037 for a "hands on" and "on line" experience with:

  • Full-Function TMS
  • Load Management and Scheduling
  • Asset Management and Tracking
  • Route Accounting, Planning and Scheduling
  • Broker and 3PL modules
  • Asset Maintenance and Scheduling
  • Shop Inventory and Ordering
  • FMCSA compliant ELD devices and functions
  • ECM Diagnostics
  • Bar Code Tracking
  • Remote Printing

-> and MUCH more.


GoFleet will be showcasing its top 3 fleet management solutions this year in the Discovery Pavilion: Fleet Management Software, ELD Solution, and Dash Cameras. You will get up-close and personal with our Fleet Management Software and see a live demo of our industry leading live tracking. You will also get to test out our easy-to-use ELD solution, just in time for the ELD Mandate deadline. And lastly, we will have a live streaming HD camera to demonstrate the high-quality image display and unique all-in-one software platform!


ComFreight has married invoice factoring tools directly with an application for finding loads or finding trucks. ComFreight is the first fully digital and integrated invoice factoring tool (Quick Pay) and freight matching load board that is hosted in the cloud. ComFreight enables approved carriers to upload bills of lading and invoices to request payment advances from any device in real time. ComFreight also empowers approved freight brokers and shippers to be able to offer carriers and truckers in their network payments within 1 hour of delivery at no additional cost.

ComFreight has integrated a fully digital invoice factoring process with the load finding process by developing an easy to use web app and mobile app. ComFreight’s advanced load board and freight marketplace also enables companies to post their loads to a large marketplace of carriers and trucking companies to get bids and find trucks in real time. This means carriers get easier, faster payments on invoices from the same convenient tool that they are already using to find new loads to haul.

The ComFreight booth at the Great American Trucking show will allow you to try this revolutionary software and app first hand. Here’s what you should look forward to when you visit our booth!

  • Try searching for live loads on the ComFreight load matching web and mobile apps
  • Try uploading or scanning a bill of lading or invoice right from a smartphone or desktop
  • Try the process submitting a payment request and seeing funds transfer in real time

How does ComFreight work for Carriers?

  • Carriers can either post their empty truck space or search loads to find load matches.
  • Carriers who become Quick Pay factoring clients get full access to all app features for free.
  • Quick Pay enables carriers to scan or upload bills of lading and receive advances in real time.

How does ComFreight work for Shippers?

  • A shipper joins for free and then posts their loads using the ComFreight web app.
  • Carriers and/or logistics companies are notified via an alert and can submit bids.
  • The shipper can then accept a bid digitally and request a pick up from any device.

How does ComFreight work for Brokers?

  • Brokers can post loads that they have available via the web app to get bids or calls.
  • Brokers can elect to get direct calls from carriers or receive bids or a combination of both.
  • Approved brokers can also offer Quick Pay options to their network of contracted carriers.

Our goal at ComFreight is to provide the most seamless and easy access to rapid payments on your invoices and the best load finding tools to all carriers who are using our web or mobile app. We want the process of running your business to be enjoyable, less stressful and more rewarding.


Compliance Assurance Services is a full-service compliance company that facilitates adherence to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Regulations for motor carriers.

Compliance Assurance Services’ booth will be an interactive booth in which mobile devices will be provided for attendees to test drive our ELD app. We will provide instructional tours during the attendees’ hands-on experience. We will discuss the impending ELD mandate and share technical information as well as answer questions.

We will also present information regarding our Compliance Management System. This service facilitates compliance for motor carriers holistically. Compliance Assurance Services manages and facilitates:


  • Driver Qualification Files
  • Vehicle Maintenance Files
  • Required Periodic Filings 


More information coming soon!


The OWL (Overhead Wire Laser-Detector) marks a quantum leap forward in the detection of overhead obstructions for oversize transports. "The OWL is a light detection and ranging (LiDAR) based system for precision detection of overhead hazards from a moving vehicle. The OWL measures the height of overhead obstructions and provides immediate alert status on a user interface. In addition, the OWL works at highway speeds, making it extremely valuable for pre-transport route surveys.”


Tri-State, the Leader in Specialized, High Security Transportation. Now Hiring ELITE Experienced OTR Drivers & O/OP’s – We are proud to be #DriverObsessed! TarpstopHome of the Fastrak® sliding tarp system! With three midwest locations to serve you and a great selection of and tarpaulin and cargo control products we run through walls for our customers. Come to the booth and see first-hand how easy to use the Fastrak II system is as well as learn how it can help you in your business.


Stop by the Clay Paul Group’s booth for a complementary ‘Protection Needs Analysis’. Financial experts will assist you in determining what your future planning priorities should be.

Experts available to speak to:

  • Commercial Trucking Insurance Broker
  • Personal Property Insurance Broker
  • Life Insurance Agent